Login has changed to avoid dozens of  computers trying to log in every day.

To login you need  to use the full name (URL) of the login page, so put that on the line on your browser where you write the website you want to visit, and press return, then you will get the login box, enter your username and your password and click login – if you get then both right it will take you to the website.  You have 10 goes at logging in – if you get it wrong every time you try you can’t log in again for a day.

The name (URL) of the login page  is www.kettlefields.club/xxxxxxxxx       where xxxxxxxxx is replaced by the name of the yr 3/4 class. The name of class cannot be found on this website, but anyone who knows the school well will know it.

This change is necessary, if the new login in is abused it will be changed again, contact the webmaster for the new login.