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Kettlefields Primary School has started a STEM club – officially Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths but it’s really about problem solving, making things, teamwork and having fun!

Club members were given the problem of internet shopping and home deliveries while there was no-one at home, so after a survey to check the frequency and size of deliveries they have built a number of prototype solutions.  They worked in groups, which sometimes changed!

interview 5

Jake said on his interview well you get to build and engineer and i also think that it is a realy cool that you get to be with your friends.

Inaam says i think the moniters nice and formal they are very good to work with i consider them and a friend

adam says i like anything we do in stem and i dont want it to change anything to change

This Term’s project

This term we chose the theme of making something for your pet using the new Mindstorms EV3 computers – we have a range of ideas under development including pet exercisers and pet feeding stations – including the Mindstorms is quite a challenge, along with getting to grips with robotics programming, but the mebers are rising to the challenge and teh club has a faithful following – below you can see some of their comments;


Contributions to the STEM club are coming in well and we dug out some older Mindstorms units that are still usable, so we are now on target to have enough to work in groups of two.

Contributions so far received are;

Bill Gredley  £1000

Dullingham Parish Council £309

Keith Owen £100

Newcampe Medical ( Keith Owen’s company) £209

We are extremely grateful for these contributions, not just for the money, but for the support and interest that that they represent – thank you all enormously!


This is Charlie’s opinion about stem, he says “I like stem because I  love Lego Mind storms and different types of programming. We program our  mind storm computers to do little tricks like when we show red our green they will make voices or move.charlie is also a monitor

This is James opinion i like stem because its fun and interesting and you get to use Lego mind storms which i love because i absolutely love Lego.


Kate says “she likes stem because it includes all the things  I like which are science, technology, engineering, maths and programming pets to eat, drink and move.  My group is cat there are also other groups dog, Enderman and collie.

Thomas says “he likes stem because its fun there is lots of building and recreational designs. Also you get to go outside to test if the signal is strong enough from ten meters away. My group is cat too.