About our club

Kettlefields STEM club is an after school club for the year 3 to year 6 children (aged about 8 to 11) and runs a new session each half term.  The club started in 2015, run by Tim Owen, as a science and inventors club with mostly pupils from years three and four.  We did some scientific experiments – one of which unfortunately sprayed Coca Cola round the year 3/4 classroom and got us (temporarily) into the caretaker’s bad books.  Other activities included building and testing various electronic alarms, rockets, trebuchet, catapulta and exploring the stability of model boats – a nice wet outdoor activity!

The club has now expanded to 15 or 16 pupils and has two helpers, and is more mixed across the age range and has a good mix of girls and boys.  We are gradually introducing other STEM related activities, including this website for the club members to use to showcase their projects.  This half term (Autumn 2016) we are tackling the problem of how to keep parcel deliveries safe if no-one is at home, with a range of very imaginative solutions from the club members who have worked enthusiastically at realising their plans.   The club members work together in groups of four – the groups are identified in the login by colours, but they choose the group names.